Land Clearing

Horizontal Grinder

A horizontal grinder is the most effective way to dispose of green waste and white wood. We have ground everything from freshly cut trees to grain elevators.  Nothing compares to the speed we clean up a site. 

If you need trees, construction materials, or buildings cleaned up we can help.

Land and Right of Way Clearing

We have helped customers with all aspects of land and right-of-way clearing. After the Kenow fire in Waterton National Park, we were able to help with the cleanup of key roads and around key infrastructure. We have also worked on countless projects clearing power line right-of-ways.

When it comes to land clearing we have had the opportunity to open up new cuts for mines in BC. Cut in new campgrounds for Alberta Parks, privately owned campgrounds, and many farmers throughout Alberta.

Our Equipment

We have a wide range of equipment to serve you. We have the biggest horizontal grinder Vermeer makes, wood chippers ranging from 10″ to 18″, bucket trucks, track hoes, dozers, and walking floor chip trailers.  If you have land to clear we are prepared for the job! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Southern Alberta with a Higher Quality of tree care. We have a deep love and appreciation for trees and their environments and want to see them thrive! 

Our Values

Our values are deeply rooted in Safety, Quality, and Integrity. Rossco’s Tree Service has made a conscious effort to lead the pack in these three areas and more. We love and care about the communities we work in and want to see them flourish.