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tree pruning

Tree Pruning

Pruning, trimming, or lopping; tree pruning goes by many different names and the outcome varies from situation to situation. It is important to take careful consideration with who you choose for your trees.


There are many reasons to prune a tree; Deadwood, clearances, defects, and hazardous limbs are just a few. With pruning our goal is the safety, health, and beauty of your yard. You can trust our experts no matter what your pruning objectives are.


We love the opportunity to take a tree and help turn it into something beautiful.

Tree Removals

There are a lot of reasons to have a tree cut down. Sometimes a tree was damaged in a storm, maybe it’s dying, or maybe it makes a mess and you just don’t want it there anymore (like sticky buds from poplar trees in the spring).


Whatever your reason to have a tree cut down you can count on Rossco’s Tree Service to get the job done safely and on time. 


We have the largest fleet of bucket trucks in town to assist with any size removal and also have years of experience working with cranes when needed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Southern Alberta with a Higher Quality of tree care. We have a deep love and appreciation for trees and their environments and want to see them thrive! 

Our Values

Our values are deeply rooted in Safety, Quality, and Integrity. Rossco’s Tree Service has made a conscious effort to lead the pack in these three areas and more. We love and care about the communities we work in and want to see them flourish.

“Amazing amazing amazing!!! What speedy service. Their tree knowledge and tree skills is incredible. They took down 2 of my big ash trees that were on top of my electrical wires. They are certified to do so but still I didn't think it was possible. Then they took out 5 stumps, plus trimmed out all the dead branches of the rest of my trees. Totally went above and beyond, all in 2 days with a chipper and a great clean up. Call these guys. They are totally the best.”

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