Tree fertilizer is vital for maintaining the beauty of your landscape. Like all living things, plants require nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. In an urban or suburban environment, nutrient deficiencies are a particular danger to the health of your trees. In these environments, leaves, your tree’s natural nutrient source, often are removed. As a result, the trees on your property are forced to compete with turf and other vegetation for remaining nutrient supply and water. This coupled with stress from compacted soils, drought and root space infringement causes health problems.

Rossco’s fertilization program¬†provides essential nutrients to the root zones of trees and shrubs. Our arborists determine precise intervals based on the specific needs of your landscape. Variables such as tree species, soil conditions; tree age, tree diseases, health, location, weather and stress conditions all factor into the tree fertilizer formula that your arborist develops for your property. Seasonally, fertilizer is needed:

  • In the fall, plant roots absorb nutrients that will be used during the initial spring growth period
  • In the spring, plant roots absorb nutrients that will be used throughout the growing season.
tree with roots